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About Us

We built this website last year due to Covid19 to safely make available via scheduled curbside pickup our many varieties of heirloom and open pollinated Tomatoes (49) Vegetables and Peppers (33), Greens (27), Herbs (25) and other plant varieties (16) to our gardening friends and neighbors.

Please take a look, from a distance, and in good health.

We Grow Heirlooms

Greetings gardening friends —                                                                                                            21 April 2021

With the suspension of the Greater Brookland Yard Sale last year due to Covid19, we decided to try growing a website to safely sell our seedlings starts.  We have also improved our seedling growing and hardening areas, and have decided to use the website to allow a more prolonged sale more appropriate to the different varieties that we offer.

Last springs unseasonably cool weather was a challenge.  We are now offering our greens for sale, and we will soon be hardening tomatoes and our other plants that dislike cold nights.  Our 27 varieties of greens are hardened and have spent the last 10 days outside.  They are ready to be planted. They can now be ordered.

We will email registered users updates as other varieties are made available.  Everything that you see on the website will be available shortly.

Please note:  We do not ship seedlings.  We will only take orders for curbside pickup.  That makes this year’s Seedling Sale strictly local, and we will continue to abide by Covid19 protocols.  Carts are restricted by geographical location.  Our curbside pickup locale is in the Brookland neighborhood of NE Washington DC, and the exact address and our phone number will be on your invoice.  If you have any questions please go to our contacts page or email us at:  support@sisgbeeseedlings.com.

Web sales are still new to us, and we trying to improve our customer experience.  Our hope is to make the website more informational in the future.  The good news is that we have healthy seedlings, your interest in gardening, and our joint effort to proceed safely.  We look forward to all of our gardens thriving this year, and to seeing you, your families, and friends in good health. 

Best regards,

Lori & Jim


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