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About Us

Our usual one-day store, The Greater Brookland Yard Sale, has been suspended due to Covid19.  We built this website to safely make available via scheduled curbside pickup our many varieties of heirloom and open pollinated Tomatoes (62) Vegetables and Peppers (37), Greens (11), Herbs (22) and other plant varieties (11) to gardening friends and neighbors.

Please take a look, from a distance, and in good health.

We Grow Heirlooms

Greetings gardening friends —                                                                                                            1 May 2020

We typically sell our heirloom seedlings at the annual Greater Brookland Yard Sale held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day in May.  Due to Covid19 social distancing guidelines, the yard sale was not an option this year.  However, we have seedlings.  Our plant inventory is based on our past sales, our favorites and new interests.  We did not anticipate these changed circumstances, and in February/March we planned and planted to meet our usual expectations.  We now have a lot of inquiries and a lot of very healthy seedlings. 

Cool weather has delayed the hardening of our seedlings: their gradual introduction to natural light and elements so that they thrive after transplanting.   Currently, our seedlings have begun to acclimate outside. Tomato health/viability can be compromised if overnight temps fall below 50F.  We had some very cool weather in late April, and expect more this week, and we take appropriate measures to insure our seedling health.  In our planting zone, gardeners are strongly encouraged to wait to plant their tomatoes until Mother’s Day.  Our hardening off process started May 1, and we hope to have plants ready by next weekend (May 8).  Stay tuned.

PLEASE NOTE:  We published this website without enabling payment options so that you can look over our seedlings.  We (will shortly) include a Tools & Resources page to help with planting and feeding questions.  We will enable the shopping cart and payment system (PayPal or secure Credit Card payment) next week. 

ALSO:  We will not ship seedlings.  We will only take orders for curbside pickup.  That makes this year’s Seedling Sale strictly local.  The curbside pickup locale is in the Brookland neighborhood of NE Washington DC, and the exact address and our phone number will be on your invoice.  If you have any questions please go to our contacts page or email us at:  support@sisgbeeseedlings.com.

Please bear with us.  The website is new to us, and we are scrambling to make this happen.  Our effort to build an online store in response to Covid19 is more complicated than our “off the shelf, one stop shopping” yard sale of years’ past.  The good news is that we have healthy seedlings, your interest in gardening, and our joint effort to proceed safely.  We look forward to all of our gardens thriving this year, and to seeing you, your families, and friends in good health. 

Best regards,

Lori & Jim

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