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About Us

We built this website Spring 2020 due to Covid19 to safely make available (via scheduled curbside pickup) our many varieties of heirloom and open-pollinated Tomatoes, Vegetables and Peppers, Greens, Herbs and other plant varieties to our gardening friends and neighbors.

We will start our 2022 spring sales by rejoining the revived Greater Brookland Yard Sale on May 7 (if rain, check store banner notice), and after, we will open the website cart May 10 for curbside pickups.

Happy, healthy gardening!

We Grow Heirlooms

Greetings gardening friends —                                                                                                            5 May 2022

For Spring 2022 we have germinated, grown and hardened a large variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, greens, and basils.  We have added a large selection of uncommon and unusual herbs, we have added pomegranate trees from our own garden, and we maintain our usual collection of tomatillos and ground cherries.

Lori has listed her wonderful seed sources in a Seeds and Biodiversity post: https://sigsbeeseedlings.com/updates/

We are currently navigating the plurality of growing plants and caring for two sets of elders who reside out of state.  This year, to maintain a modicum of balance in our lives, we are not offering the following items: woody herbs, lettuces, mustard greens, dyer plants, and cottons. We will keep them in the catalog with a “2023” badge. They will not be available for purchase until then.

We will not enable the website cart until after participating in the Greater Brookland Yard Sale May 7 (or in the event of rain, our alternate day, May 8), but we have added “Wishlist” function to available product pages. Anyone with an account can add items to their personal Wishlist, return later, and add the listed items (if in stock) to their cart when it is enabled.  Anyone can compose and print a Wishlist to bring as a shopping list to the yard sale.

Please remember that the nightshade family (tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers) are of tropical origin. Planting too early in the season or without protection can irreparably harm nightshades when temperatures dip under 50 degrees (this is particularly true for tomatoes). Nightshades thrive in warm/hot weather and grow quickly once they are planted in the right conditions. Historically, in our area, this means planting in early May around Mother’s Day when temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees.  

Please note:  We do not ship seedlings.  We will only take orders for curbside pickup.  That makes our Seedling Sale strictly local.  Carts are restricted by geographical location.  Our curbside pickup locale is in the Brookland neighborhood of NE Washington DC, and the exact address and our phone number will be on your invoice.  We abide by and encourage Covid Protocols.  If you have any questions please go to our contacts page or email us at:  support@sisgbeeseedlings.com.

Web sales are still new to us, and we endeavor to improve our customer experience.  Our hope is to make the website more informational in the future.  The good news is that we have healthy seedlings, your interest in gardening, and our joint effort to proceed safely.  We look forward to all of our gardens thriving this year, and to seeing you, your families, and friends in good health. 

Best regards,

Lori & Jim

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