Hurray!  We are finally ready to get plants from us to you!!

Gardening, growing plants, and working with the seasons and weather are always great teachers of patience, persistence, and lots of creative problem solving.  We have navigated through the past weeks of the polar vortex and cold night-time temperatures by taking the plants in and out of the garage, warming them at night with space heaters, and wrapping their outside home tightly in plastic.   This has been quite an event!

If you purchase tomatoes, you will find that they are already modeling their indeterminate (vining) habit.  They became tall over the past few weeks and this Bosque Blue Bumblebee cherry tomato decided to produce the first tomato flower—high achiever!

Tall tomato plants present a perfect opportunity to try a trenching style of planting.  Since the hairs along the base of the tomato stems produce roots, you can plant most of the stem horizontally in a trench to create an even stronger root system.  The most important part of trenching is to mark the underground location of the stem and root ball so that you do not dig into the roots or slice through the stem when planting around the tomato.  Here are some good links on how to plant tomatoes in a trench.

Also, you can plant deeply.  Here is a link to a wonderful farm in Arkansas–Roots and Refuge–on planting tomatoes deeply.  One of the owners, Jess, is absolutely delightful.  Her videos are full of wonderful information and gardening wisdom:

If you plan to purchase basil, I’d recommend giving it a little extra TLC for a few days once you get it home.  The basil would benefit from a little more gradual exposure to the sun so the leaves are not vulnerable to sunscald (plant sunburn).  You might consider planting the basil in a bigger pot, make sure it has water, and gradually expose it to increasing hours of direct sun.  In a few days to a week, it should be completely safe to put directly in the ground and in full sun.  All of the basil plants are lush and gorgeous this year. 

A few items in our inventory are not yet ready.  They should be available in the next few weeks.   I learned this year that parsley seeds can (and do, sometimes) take 21 days to germinate and henna takes even longer and requires freezing the seeds and then waiting until they germinate and produce tiny plants the size of a pinhead—took a full month for this process to produce an extremely tiny plant.  We will enable the inventory for these items when they are ready.

Ready in about 1.5 weeks:  Holy Basil, Red Shiso, Spearmint, White Sesame, and Zaatar 

Ready in late May / early June:  Parsley (flat leave and curly), Henna, Japanese indigo

Finally, we do have a few back-up plants to replenish our inventory.  When we start to replenish with these back-up plants it will take about a week for these plants to be fully ready to sell.

Thanks for your interest in our seedlings.  If you have any questions, please contact us via this email address–

Wishing you a great gardening season!

Lori and Jim

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